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Naam kaw pong
Datum 20-06-2018 12:53:44

had a very great time with Jan Schaap during my visit in Haarlem. He showed me all the major highlight attractions in the city center. We covered Train Station, Bike racks under the station, Corrie ten Boom House, Grote Markt, Grote Kerk, Stadhuis, Statue of Laurens Coster, Jacobs Kerk and other many places that I couldn’t recall the name. We covered these places in a relatively short period of time (around 2-3 hours or so).

This walk was really useful as an introduction to the city of Haarlem so that you could later explore these places in greater details at your own pace. This walk not only gave me a quick overview of Haarlem but also showed me some places not often mentioned in a typical guidebook such as a house/compound for aged people.
the best thing of that afternoon is of course the greeter! Jan Schaap is absolutely a wonderful greeter. He told me many local stories/ anecdotes especially regarding the 2nd world war. That really helped me better understand the true feeli

Naam Scott and Dianna ...
Datum 19-06-2018 18:43:24

My spouse and I recently returned from a 16-day trip to the Netherlands, where we had the pleasure of meeting and having Bert Bourquet as a greeter for our day trip to Haarlem.
This was a wonderful experience for us. Bert was both personable and very knowledgeable about the sights and history of Haarlem. He pointed out many details which we would have totally missed had we been on a self-guided tour, starting at the Central Station and continuing throughout our lengthy walking tour. We also stopped at the extremely interesting Teylers Museum. We returned to the US with many fond memories of the Netherlands and our experience with Bert is at the very top of the list. We will definitely recommend global greeters to any of our friends who will be visiting the Netherlands. Thank you very much for providing this service.

Naam Sally Sextin
Datum 09-05-2018 23:51:44

Just wanted to tell you what an exceptionally good time I had in Haarlem. It would have been a much poorer experience without Bert's knowledge and guidance. Bert is terrific (as you know). Even tempered, interested in what the greetees might want to learn / do/ see. It was a very enjoyable time that I'll always remember.
Also, I did elect to go to the Frans Hals museum. Magnificent.
Thank you Bert and thanks to all the rest of the voluntary army that keeps such a good public relations activity going.
For it also has a more lofty cause--building bridges, exchanging cultural nuances etc.
So thank you!
Sally Sextin

Naam Marc LaFrance
Datum 30-04-2018 23:19:09

Hans, thank you for your perseverance with all my emails. We had a super great tour today and enjoyed the experience very much. I shall continue to look for Greeters in other cities we visit on our travels.

All the best to you.
Marc & Merrily

Naam Brian Kinler
Datum 29-04-2018 10:45:08

Hi Henneke. Thanks again for a great tour! It was great meeting you. We did go to the Tyler’s museum which we loved and had a great dinner at La Forca. If you are ever in Los Angeles, we would be happy to give you a tour!! All the best-Steven and Brian

Naam Gerard Rouger
Datum 18-04-2018 23:17:30

Bonjour , il est certain que notre croisière des villes du nord, et principalement Amsterdam , le point marquant de cette ville a été notre rencontre avec Bert , a Haarlem , nous garderons de cette rencontre d'un homme charmant , très impliqué dans l'histoire de sa ville , qu'il nous la fait ressentir dans nos deux heures passées ensemble ,certes peut être un peu trop court pour tout savoir de cette ville charmante et riche d'un passé historique , on conseille a tous qui doivent venir a Haarlem , de contacter les Greeters de cette ville , et demander que Bert soit votre guide vous ne serez pas déçus
Amicalement Gérard & Christiane

Naam Joan Allison and ...
Datum 18-04-2018 16:56:56

Dear Bert,

We would like to thank you again for the delightful tour this morning of Haarlem. You showed us some hidden gems of your city which we would never have discovered on our own. Your tour was very informative. It was a pleasant way to learn so much about the history and culture of Haarlem.

With many thanks,
Richard and Joan

Naam Thanks from Matth...
Datum 11-04-2018 22:49:09

Dear Bert,
thank you so much for your very informative greet this morning.
We enjoyed it very much. You pointed out so many details on the architecture and provided us with a lot of information on the history of Haarlem Thank you again!

Viele Grüße - kind regards
Matthias & Marisa

Matthias Ohm, Bonn-Greeters

Naam Alle Greeters
Datum 08-03-2018 20:01:24

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Naam Haarlemgreeters
Datum 07-03-2018 22:10:08


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